The Action Group – HR removes the burden of payroll processing from your office. We assure you professional management and elimination of the attendant cost and time required to ensure all reports and forms are complete, filings are current and tax calculations are correct. We not only guarantee that the job is being executed properly – we eliminate in-house costs associated with payroll administrative overhead and increase efficiency, allowing you to allocate your time and skills where they are most needed.

By allowing The Action Group – HR to manage your company’s payroll processing operations, your company can save in several ways. First, you will be free to focus your talent and resources to address the core goals of your business, making you and your staff more productive in the long run. You will also enjoy the immediate dividend resulting from not having to add to your administrative staff to handle the ever-growing demands of payroll management. In addition, we can ensure that you are always compliant, and compliance means less wasted effort in possible claims, violations and reviews.