The Action Group – HR provides a broad array of services to reduce your risk and eliminate exposure to conflicts and charges associated with safety and OSHA violations. Our experts conduct on-site evaluations of your facility and systems, and provide a report identifying areas of risk and non-compliance. We work with you to correct potential violations and offer on-going education, support and evaluation to help you maintain compliance. Our program is recognized within our industry and among our clients as “executive caliber” in performance and thoroughness.

Safety and risk compliance along with on-going education reduces your exposure to loss in two important ways. First, you eliminate/reduce direct costs associated with accidents and claims. Second, you eliminate disruption and downtime by preemptively addressing hazards or violations.

The Action Group – HR keeps you “up and running” doing what your company was engineered to do. By eliminating problems before they occur, we will help you maintain your day-to-day operations, keeping you consistent and productive.